Purposeful discovery, development and manufacturing of
innovative radiopharmaceuticals for solid tumors

We are building a vertically integrated radiopharmaceutical therapeutics company with our lead program in a Phase 3 clinical trial. We believe we have established a leadership position in the emerging radiopharmaceutical therapeutics modality through a product-centric approach and have created a pipeline of multiple drug and development candidates in therapeutic areas with significant market opportunities.


Despite therapeutic advances made in the last decade, there remains a high unmet need for new cancer treatments. External beam radiation therapy is a proven approach to treating many cancers and is typically administered by an external beam of high energy rays. In contrast, radiopharmaceutical therapy (RPT) delivers radioisotopes to tumors intravenously.

We believe RPT represents one of the most promising new modalities for the treatment of solid tumors. Radiopharmaceuticals have the unique advantage of being both diagnostic and therapeutic. The same drug conjugate could be used for both diagnostic imaging and therapeutic use by switching out the radioisotope.

Conceptually, antibody drug conjugates, or ADCs, and RPT are similar in that they both consist of a binder recognizing a cancer protein target, linker, and payload to attack cancer cells. However, we believe certain aspects of RPT may offer advantages over ADCs on both efficacy and safety.