Our Science


Our Data-Driven Workflow Drives Our Discovery Efforts

RayzeBio is leading innovation in targeted radiopharmaceutical therapies. We have taken a systematic approach to drug discovery and development to create a diverse pipeline of programs. Our state of the art 28,000 sq ft radiopharmaceutical research facility, based in San Diego, enables us to carry out all key aspects for discovery of novel drug candidates.


This center of excellence includes

  • Radiochemistry labeling lab for alpha and beta radioisotopes
  • Vivarium with molecular imaging and biodistribution analysis
  • Full in-vitro biological characterization
  • Small molecule and peptide chemistry capabilities
  • DMPK suite
Discovery Workflow

We prosecute diverse sets of binders against clinically validated cancer targets through an iterative process involving in-vitro screening, X-ray crystallography, linker and radiolabeling optimization, and in-vivo screening with molecular imaging and biodistribution analysis.
We have completed hundreds of in vivo studies, which has provided us with proprietary and critical insights on identifying key attributes essential in discovering novel RPT drug candidates.